Saturday, March 17, 2012

Who is this person?

I'm sure that everyone has found a photo or two, three, four, or many more and wondered "Who is this person?" These pictures are usually really old photos of men, women and children sitting in chairs or standing in a group pose with barely a smile.  Some of the people look very stiff, while others look extremely confident.  Colonel Henry Martyn Boies pictured above is an example of an extremely confident man whose picture can be found in the Lackawanna Valley Digital Archives.

According to Col. Henry Boies (1837-1903) biography in The Wyoming and Lackawanna Valleys, Boies lived a very illustrious life.  His bio is five pages filled with information about his successful business career. Among some of his highlights is being an incorporator of the Third National Bank of Scranton. He also served as the director of this institution for 10 years. Boies was successful in organizing and starting many businesses and invented and had patents as well. In 1878 he became a Colonel in the Pennsylvania National Guards Thirteenth Regiment. Boies was also a member and President of the Scranton Board of Trade. Last, but not least he was a member of the Albright Memorial Library board of directors. 

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