Friday, March 23, 2012

Program from 1918 Philharmonic Concert

Scranton is famous for its Vaudeville venues, but high-brow entertainment had its place as well. The "From Lace Makers to Coal Miners" collection contains a program from a Philharmonic Concert given on April 15, 1918 at The Casino (337 Adams Ave.). Mr. Harold Bauer is the pianist and the pieces he plays are not suprising; Beethoven's Sonata in C Major, plenty of Schumann, some Chopin and Liszt. There is an interesting mystery surrounding this artifact. There are nearly illegible words hand-written at the bottom of the third page. One appears to "Brahms." Why would someone write Brahams on a program for a show that supposedly contained no works by Brahms? Wishful thinking? A review in the April 16, 1918 Scranton Times reveals the answer: "For a final encore, Mr. Bauer played a Brahms waltz with a touch at once...caressing and delicate..."

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