Thursday, March 17, 2016

Today in Scranton Public Library News

Today the Scranton Public Library's Board of Directors is celebrating their 125th anniversary.  125 years ago fifteen board members were appointed to form a library in the City of Scranton.  The Albright family of Buffalo NY and formerly of Scranton had donated money and their homestead for the purpose of a "place of learning".  The original trustees were appointed from the clergy, Board of Trade (now Chamber of Commerce) members at large and bar association.  Below are a listing of the men and if you would like more information please see the Reference Department at the Scranton Public Library.  If you would like to see photos of these men please check out From Lace Makers to Coal Miners--Life in the Lackawanna Valley from 1866-1920

Reverend David C. (D.C) Hughes
Thomas H. Dale
Reverend Samuel C. Logan
Reverend Patrick J McManus
Honorable Frederick W. Gunster
Samuel B. Price
Milo J. Wilson, esq.
Reverend Henry C. Swentzel, D.D 
William Tallman Smith
Alfred Hand
James Archbald
William Connell
Col. Henry Martyn Boise
Henry Belin, Jr
Webster H. Pearce D.D